Stage Custom Gear (SCG) aims to meet the specific equipment needs of guitarists and bassists.
Especially for the design and commissioning of Pedalboards, their connectors and the adaptation of accessories.
We offer personalized help for the realization of your various projects. 

The solutions we adopt come from a long experience.
Our designs are handmade and aim to faithfully respect the sound of the instruments.
The notions of ergonomics, weight and bulk of our sets are also part of our criteria.
We guarantee a high quality of execution and a very rigorous selection of the products offered. 

SCG studios can design, reproduce, set up and test different configurations.
Our mechanical and electronics workshops give us the opportunity to develop and manufacture all kinds of accessories.
SCG’s philosophy is to operate without any unfair outsourcing.
Our company is the result of an alliance between two longtime friends passionate about the field of sound. 

Namely, the addition of a professional guitarist and an electronics technician and designer.
Provided with a varied and complementary course, each having courses in the Swiss and American universities.
Afterwards, an electronics engineer for development and a mediamatician joined our team.
SCG is a Swiss artisan company that promotes performance and quality. 


Need help ?

Please feel free to get in touch for further informations. 

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