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Swiss Custom Gear (SCG) aims to meet the specific needs of sound management and equipment for guitar, bass and other stringed instruments.
We have opted for Swiss quality connectors which have been proven in large institutions such as CERN, in order to guarantee the sound, solidity and longevity of the equipment.
Our product delivers the true sound of your instrument, without altering it by lengths of cables or unnecessary electronic components. The concepts of ergonomics, weight and size are also part of our criteria.

The solutions we develop are the result of long technical and musical experience.
We guarantee a high quality of workmanship and a very rigorous selection of the product offered.
SCG’s philosophy is to operate without any unfair subcontracting.

Our company was founded by two long-time friends who were passionate about the sound industry. Namely, the addition of a professional guitarist and an electronic technician.
Provided with a varied and complementary course, each with training in Swiss and American universities.
Quickly, an electronics engineer specializing in research and miniaturization, a media specialist and a communication specialist also joined the team.
SCG a Swiss artisanal company that emphasizes performance and quality.